Pierre Vallet
Favorite Adagios
Label: Lydia Music
Released: June 1, 2017

Elizabeth Sombart 

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Pierre Vallet


1. Co. No. 3 D major, BWV 1054 II. Adagio J. S. Bach
2. Concerto No. 23 A major, K. 488 II. Andante Wolfgang A. Mozart
3. Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25 II. Andante Felix Mendelssohn
4. Concerto No. 2 Bb major Op. 19 II. Adagio Ludwig van Beethoven
5. Concerto No 2, Op. 22 I. Andante sostenuto Camille Saint-Saëns (first movement)
6. Concerto A minor, Op. 16 II. Adagio Edvard Grieg
7. Concerto No. 1 D minor, Op. 15 II. Adagio Johannes Brahms
8. Concerto No. 2 C minor, Op. 18 II. Adagio sostenuto Sergei Rachmaninov
9. Concerto G major II. Adagio assai Maurice Ravel
10. Barcarolle Philip Adam

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